TDN custom care & maintenance instructions


Daily dust the furniture surfaces with a clean soft cloth.

Weekly/monthly as required wipe furniture surfaces with a damp cloth in a weak solution of mild detergent (e.g. washing up liquid). Dry off with a clean cloth.

Do not use any propriety furniture polish, cleaner or wax as over time these build up a residue which overall has a detrimental effect and alters the appearance of the furniture.

Do not allow household solvents or spilled alcoholic drinks to come into contact with the furniture surface, e.g. nail polish, perfume, aftershave, spirits etc.

Do not allow hot or cold items to come into contact with furniture surfaces.

Always use coasters and mats where appropriate.

Do not place furniture in direct sunlight or in a direct heat source (e.g. radiators, heating vents).

Do not put items with an abrasive finish directly onto furniture surfaces; always use a mat or coaster.


All TDN furniture has a Polyurethane Lacquer finish (PU), which is applied in layers, building up a protective layer that is either semi matt or gloss finish (depending on the finish specified).

It is not porous therefore a water based liquid spill will sit on the surface of the wood whilst a cloth is sought to wipe off. Water spills not wiped off immediately will mark over a period.

PU lacquer is a durable, industry contract standard finish, which will age well with normal use. Our standard PU sheen level is 10%.


Upholstery should be brushed with a clothes brush or vacuumed on the upholstery setting on a weekly basis to remove dirt and dust particles.

The upkeep of our upholstered furniture should be site specific and adapted to the nature and usage – e.g. Chairs used in bars and restaurants are more prone to heavy usage and should be subject to more regular care and attention than chairs used in a residential home.

Never use soap, ammonia, bleach or other cleaners intended for use on hard surfaces on upholstered furniture.


Dust regularly.

Also light regular cleaning simply using a damp cloth (take care not to soak the leather) will remove grease and accumulated dust particles. Dry off with a soft cloth.

Do not use creams, waxes or polishes on your leather as these can cause damage.

Leather used specifically for heavier traffic may require a more thorough cleaning routine and Andrew Muirhead offers specially formulated Leather Cleaning Wipes.


Dust regularly.

Also light regular cleaning simply using a damp cloth will remove dust particles, dry off with a soft cloth.


Glass cleaners and a dry soft clean cloth to buff.

Mild solution of vinegar and water, dry off with a soft clean cloth.

Wet newspaper, then dry newspaper.