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Knoll Bertoia Side Chair 0006s 0000s 0001 Bertoia Side Chair Outdoor 3 sq 947
Knoll Bertoia Side Chair 0006s 0000s 0000 Bertoia Side Chair Outdoor 7 sq 947
Knoll Bertoia Side Chair 0006s 0000s 0002 Bertoia Side Chair Outdoor 1 sq 947

Bertoia Side Chair

Innovative, comfortable and strikingly handsome, Harry Bertoia's side chair's delicate filigree appearance belies its strength and durability. The frame is a welded steel construction with rods in Rilsan, a very durable and adhesive fused nylon-dipped finish. Scratch, chip, and chemical resistant. Stainless steel connections. The unupholstered Side Chairs in Rilsan are also appropriate for outdoor environments.

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