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Ercol Svelto round stacking stool 0000s 0000s 0000 136 SveltoRoundStackingStool CutoutFront Oak DM web copy
Ercol Svelto round stacking stool 0000s 0000s 0001 136 SveltoRoundStackingStool CutoutBack Oak DM web
Ercol Svelto round stacking stool 0000s 0000s 0002 136 SveltoRoundStackingStool CutoutAngle Oak DM web copy

Svelto round stacking stool

This three-legged oak stool takes the circular motif from the Svelto coffee and lamp tables. Each top has an almost imperceptible concave dishing to increase the comfort of the sit. When not in use the stools form a beautiful geometric stack, each rotated slightly from the last. The stools stack vertically. The underframe joins in a beautiful detail under the seat. This stool is finished in a dead matt (DM) finish to both protect the oak furniture and show off its natural beauty.

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