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Crassevig Pola Light R 4W ECO Chair 4
Crassevig Pola Light R 4W ECO Chair 3
Crassevig Pola Light R 4W ECO Chair 2
Crassevig Pola Light R 4W ECO Chair 1

Pola Light R/4W ECO Chair

The idea behind Pola, a chair with an extremely simple design, was to perfectly follow and support the lines of the body. Made in polyurethane, this robust and pliable material ensures maximum flexibility and ergonomic back support. Available with four legs, sled base or swivel base, armchair or stool versions, and also fully upholstered. Pola Eco places itself between design and ethics, choosing a 75% PCR (Post-consumer recycled) Plastic shell, made in recycled polypropylene. Pola Eco is built in environmentally friendly materials, such as Aluminum (PB series), Steel (4L and SB series), and Wood (4W series). Fabrics like Maharam Merit or Gabriel Chili that can be used for the upholstery are Post-Consumer Recycled as well. Being long-lasting, easy to disassemble and practical to fix in every part, Pola Eco is a circular and fully modular product.

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