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BB Italia Erica 19 sofa 0008s 0000s 0001 ERICA divano 3
BB Italia Erica 19 sofa 0008s 0000s 0000 ERICA divano 4
BB Italia Erica 19 sofa 0008s 0000s 0002 ERICA divano 2
BB Italia Erica 19 sofa 0008s 0000s 0003 ERICA divano 1
BB Italia Erica 19 sofa 0008s 0000s 0004 ERICA divano e poltrona

Erica '19 sofa
B&B Italia

The Erica collection of sofas, armchairs and small chairs that was so successfully launched in 2017 has been enhanced by new sofas, still based on the same characteristic curved backrest and interlacing as before but offering a deeper seat and lived-in appearance. The sofas come in three extra-comfortable sizes - the 170 and 216 cm styles with a 96 cm deep seat and the 153 cm version with a 140 cm deep seat - and the cushions have a different type of upholstery giving an even softer and more natural look and making them even more inviting. The unusual colour juxtaposition of frame and interlacing in anthracite, tortora or a frame in sage with natural coloured interlacing can be complemented by a vast range of cushion covers, in an array of tones and designs, all co-ordinating with each other. There is also a chair with armrests with an innovative interlaced backrest.

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